"Jamie Wood has a strong, throaty delivery that's believable."
-- Blues Revue (USA)

" Wood's sultry, martini-tinged vocals fill each song with a distinctive, winning
-- O.C. Weekly (USA)

" I am smitten by her sassy, powerhouse vocals, and by a band that swings
-- Blues In Britain Magazine (UK)

"Her personality shines through every track and makes you feel that this is one
cool and hip woman with whom you'd love to party"
-- Blueswax Online Magazine (USA)

" La Diva du Westcoast!"
-- Blues & Co. (France)

"The authenticity and the quality of this vocalist and her band are amazing ...
Jamie Wood is a real entertainer."
-- Back To The Roots Bluesmagazine (Belgium)

" . . . she's stittin' in tall grass . . . with blues harpist Johnny Rover, they've
created one of the Southland's greatest treasures. This one comes highly
-- Southland Blues (USA)

" . . . mixes a blend of Blues and West Coast Swing along with a nice stage
personality, to fine effect."
-- L.A. Jazz Scene (USA)

"Jamie Wood's one of the most impressive and soulful white singers I've heard in a
while . . . Incredible. Great. Recommended."
-- Crosscut Records Catalog (Germany)